School Walkability Assessments Woburn Summer 2013

School Walkability Assessments Woburn Summer 2013

A safe and enjoyable walking environment is crucial to encouraging more students to walk to school and more community members to choose to walk. WalkBoston and the City of Woburn’s planning department conducted walkability assessments at five of Woburn’s public schools in the summer of 2013. The schools included:

1. Altavesta Elementary School
2. Goodyear Elementary School
3. Linscott Elementary School
4. Reeves Elementary School
5. Joyce Middle School

This report identifies issues with the existing condition of the pedestrian environment and recommends strategies and infrastructure improvements to enhance walking safety, especially for children walking to and from school. Many of the observations relate to vehicular speed, visibility for both pedestrians and drivers, and street crossings. Lower-cost solutions are emphasized, but longer-term, more costly investments are also suggested.

Read the full report here:

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