Beat the Bay State Stories

Beat the Bay State Stories


Our first-ever Beat the Bay State Team Challenge wrapped up in November 2020, and we couldn’t be happier about the turnout. What was intended to be a traditional 5K in-person event turned out to be a virtual success that encouraged family and friends to connect with each other. Here’s what participants had to say (and the name of the team they were on):

“My name is J.J. I am 6 years old and am in first grade. I don’t like walking early in the morning because I watch TV when we don’t go. For Beat the Bay State, I walked weekly with my mom, grandmother, and sister. This week, we walked to my old day care.” —J.J./WalkBoston

“The MassDOT Team has developed new relationships, chatted about our kids and dogs, and even encouraged a few to walk more than they usually do! I hope you loved managing the competition!” —Lisa / MassDOT

“Beat the Bay State motivated me to get outside and get together with colleagues! I live in JP so it was also fun to see pictures of other places people went on their walks, like the Salem waterfront. Outside of the work group I joined the challenge with, it also motivated me to opt for walking to run errands, or to go on walks with friends!” —Jessie / Walkin’ with the T

This article was featured in WalkBoston’s January/February 2021 newsletter.
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