SomervilleWalks Map

SomervilleWalks Map

Somerville is a compact city. Neighborhoods are close together, retail areas easy to find, and sidewalks go everywhere.

Less than a 10 minute walk:

  • Sullivan Sq. to Assembly Sq.
  • Inman Sq. to Union Sq.
  • Tufts University to Ball Sq.
  • Davis Square to Powderhouse Circle

Less than a 15 minute walk:

  • Davis Sq. to Porter Sq.
  • Teele Sq. to Davis Sq.
  • Winter Hill to Mystic River
  • Sullivan Sq. to Foss Park
  • Union Sq. to City Hall

Less than a 25 minute walk:

  • Davis Sq. to Alewife
  • Union Sq. to Lechmere Stn
  • Magoun Sq. to Foss Park
  • Sullivan Sq. to Union Sq.
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