Say THANKS for Shared Streets and Spaces

Say THANKS for Shared Streets and Spaces

The MassDOT Shared Streets & Spaces and Winter Shared Streets and Spaces municipal funding programs have provided technical and funding assistance to help Massachusetts cities and towns conceive, design, and implement tactical changes to curbs, streets, and parking areas in support of public health, safe mobility, and renewed commerce.

This has created more places for people to walk, bike, and dine outside on a shorter timeline than many major infrastructure projects – allowing communities to respond to the needs of their residents more quickly. The grant program also made money available to convert temporary Shared Streets and Spaces projects to permanent facilities.

We all want to see more Shared Streets & Spaces projects in more places. But before that happens, let’s take stock of what is already underway! In conjunction with the Golden Shoe award WalkBoston is giving to the Shared Streets & Spaces program tonight, we’re rolling out a “Thank You” effort, and want you to take part.

  • We compiled a full list of projects funded along with project descriptions. Take a look at what has been implemented so far, and what is on the way.
  • Contact your local elected officials & public works/planning staff.
  • Let them know that you like the creative use of public space shown possible through the MassDOT “Shared Streets & Spaces” and “Shared Winter Streets & Places” programs (that you’ll hear more about tonight at our Annual Celebration), and that you want to see more!
  • Make sure they hear how programs that create space for people to walk, bike, and dine outside safely are a real win for your community, and how you, your neighbors, and other visitors will benefit.
  • Copy us on your message:
  • Not sure what to say? Here is a sample message. Keep it simple!

Thank you, _____, for [insert the part of the project description in your city/town that you like]. I really like these programs and want to see continued creative use of street space and a focus on walking safety with MassDOT funding support.

Thanks, Your name & address

  • If you’re tweeting your thanks to elected officials, tag us @walkboston and we’ll retweet your messages.
  • This idea came out of a discussion at our newly-restarted advocacy committee, chaired by Cacilda Teixeira and Matt Lawlor. Want to get involved? Send Brendan an email and he can connect you. We’d love your participation!
Everett funded by MassDOT & the Barr Foundation. photo by BostonBRT. For more Shared Streets photos go here:
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