WalkBoston is now WalkMassachusetts!

WalkBoston is now WalkMassachusetts!

Yes, you read that correctly. After over 30 years of statewide advocacy as WalkBoston, conversations with partners and community members across the state, and a new Strategic Plan, we are changing our name to WalkMassachusetts.

Last year we reaffirmed our Mission and defined our Vision for the future: a Massachusetts where people walking—no matter their race, identity, age, ability, or lived experience—feel safe, connected, and valued on our streets and sidewalks.

To make our Vision a reality, we established 3 goals:

  • Goal 1: Advocate for inclusive, safe, and enjoyable places for people to walk.
  • Goal 2: Work in places where people walking have the greatest need.
  • Goal 3: Achieve policy and built environment change that is noticeable, replicable, and impactful.

This led to self-reflection on where and how we focus our work. The conclusion was a continued emphasis on equitably promoting walking across the state and a clear need to move forward as WalkMassachusetts.

In short, the name has changed, but the mission remains the same: making walking safer and easier in Massachusetts to encourage better health, a cleaner environment, and more vibrant communities.

This is not something that happens overnight. You will be hearing much more about this over the coming months as we roll out new branding and logos, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you for how you have supported us for these 30 plus years, and we hope you will join us as we walk forward as WalkMassachusetts for the next 30!

Donate Today to Support the “New” WalkMassachusetts

We have an aggressive plan to expand our reach across the state and achieve our new Vision for Massachusetts. This means a lot of hard work from our staff and board, as well as community members and municipal staff across the state. It also means we need your help!

Please donate now to help us make Massachusetts safer and more accessible for all.

PS: We actually held our first “WalkMassachusetts” Network forum meeting back in December 2018. This is a long time coming!

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