WalkBoston works to improve walkability across Massachusetts in many different ways. Our goal is to build local constituencies to speak up for walking. Links to projects completed in this community are provided below.

Walk audits

WalkBoston’s walk audits bring together diverse groups of people to observe and discuss sidewalk and road designs that affect walking conditions. Participants walk together along a specified route, take note of the positive and negative aspects of their surroundings, and then meet to discuss their observations. Brief summaries are compiled with specific short- and long-term recommendations and policy suggestions. We conduct walk audits around schools and senior centers, in downtown districts, in suburban or rural town centers, or in any setting where walking improvements are needed.

Presentations and trainings

WalkBoston provides a wide variety of presentations and trainings that are designed to engage people and inform them of the sidewalk and road design elements that affect the safety and quality of the walking environment. 

Ped 101 

As an introduction to pedestrian advocacy, this training gives participants a basic overview of the elements of a safe walking environment and helps prepare people to speak up for walking in their own community. WalkBoston staff are available to present at community meetings, corporate brown bag lunch sessions, conferences, or other events. Please contact us to schedule a presentation.

Training programs  

We conduct multi-session training programs that combine classroom activities and fieldwork to give participants the tools to make their neighborhoods and main streets more walkable. Program activities may include performing walk audits, conducting surveys, using handheld speed detectors, analyzing data, and preparing presentations to be given to local officials.

Safety training for children

In partnership with the MA Safe Routes to School (MA SRTS) program, WalkBoston has conducted pedestrian safety training for 2nd graders in elementary schools across the state. If you are interested in bringing pedestrian safety training to schools in your community, please contact the MA SRTS program.

Walking maps

One of the many benefits of walking is seeing and experiencing things that you would miss using other modes of travel. WalkBoston’s maps feature places that are wonderful to walk, easy to navigate, and convenient to get around. Created with people who know the area best – local residents, municipal staff, or community organizations– each self-guided map has detailed routes and descriptions of sights and scenes.

Comment letters

WalkBoston reviews selected development and transportation projects that are located in areas of particular importance to people walking, or that could have impacts on many existing (or future) pedestrians. Comment letters are submitted to the appropriate state or local public agencies.

Local partners

The organizations, agencies and committees WalkBoston has worked with in this community are shown below. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to add a group to this list.