From Pilot to Permanent– Sidewalk Snow Clearing Progress in Boston

From Pilot to Permanent– Sidewalk Snow Clearing Progress in Boston

WalkBoston was excited to see that Boston City Councilor Kenzie Bok announced this week that the City of Boston has plans for more sidewalk plows and an expanded Sidewalk Snow-Clearing Program this winter. This is a big deal!

Thank you Mayor Wu, Councilor Bok, Public Works, and the many people that have worked to move sidewalk snow clearing from plan to pilot to what will be a normal part of Boston’s snow clearing response, with ~80 Bobcats available for the effort. This is very exciting, and we know many people that have volunteered or worked at WalkBoston are really, really, pleased since this has been a frustration (and opportunity for improvement) that has been highlighted for years!

Ensuring people can continue to navigate sidewalks and curb ramps in the days after winter storms is critical to making a year round livable city for everyone. Thank you for recognizing that, and finding a way to make this a reality. It is really appreciated!

Lastly, sidewalk snow clearance isn’t just “a Boston thing. The most recent round of MassDOT’s Shared Streets and Spaces Funding Program for the first time allowed communities to use the money to buy snow removal equipment for pedestrian & bicycle facilities: as shown in the press release, 43 communities across the state did just that!

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