This November, Vote Yes on 4 for Safer Roads!

This November, Vote Yes on 4 for Safer Roads!

As part of the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition, which seeks to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all, WalkBoston stands in support of the Yes on 4 for Safer Roads Campaign. This ballot campaign upholds the common-sense law known as the Work and Family Mobility Act, which was enacted earlier this year and allows qualified residents, regardless of immigration status, to apply for a standard driver’s license.

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As a Coalition focused on improving street safety, we know this law will meaningfully improve road safety for everyone, and will dignify all our residents with the freedom to travel safely and legally. Voting YES on ballot question 4 in November will preserve this law, improve mobility, and ensure more drivers on our roads are trained and licensed.

A YES vote on ballot question 4 will:

  1. Support safe mobility access in our communities, ensuring that all workers and families can safely and legally make essential trips like dropping off kids at school and getting to work, medical appointments, and the grocery store, and;
  2. Uphold the regulatory framework that ensures all drivers have passed a road test, bought insurance, and have a form of verified identification.

The Evidence + Support:

Voting YES ON 4 would allow Massachusetts to experience the safety and revenue benefits that many states with similar laws have enjoyed. The District of Columbia and 17 other states, including most of our neighbors, have similar laws; some of those states have had such laws in place for decades. States like California and Connecticut have seen significantly fewer hit-and-run crashes, and Utah and New Mexico have seen uninsured driving drop 80 and 60 percent respectively. In the Commonwealth, voting YES ON 4 is projected to bring an additional $5 million in taxes and $6 million from fees, inspections, and other services within the first three years.

Ensuring that all drivers in Massachusetts are tested, licensed, and insured will lead to safer roads for all of us, which is why the Work and Family Mobility Act was endorsed by a majority of Massachusetts city police chiefs, sheriffs, and district attorneys, including the Massachusetts Major Cities Chief of Police Association.

Here’s how you can learn more + get involved: 

We hope you will vote YES on question 4 on the ballot this November!

Thank you for your support!


P.S. To learn more about the Vision Zero Coalition, click here! 

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