WalkBoston Comments on Stanhope Hotel PNF

WalkBoston Comments on Stanhope Hotel PNF

May 23, 2022
Quinn Valcich
Boston Planning & Development Agency

RE: WalkBoston Comments on Stanhope Hotel PNF

Dear Quinn:

WalkBoston is Massachusetts’ leading walking advocacy organization working to make Massachusetts a safer, more accessible and more attractive place to walk. 

Slide 28 of the presentation dated May 5, 2022 shares the possibility of a “Seasonal Road Closure” for the section of Stanhope Street between the project site and Frieda Garcia Park. Rather than creating a temporary/seasonal closure at this location, we believe that this section of Stanhope Street should be made into a permanent pedestrian-only area as part of this hotel development project. The people-focused space could have a flush curb and sturdy, attractive bollards at each end for better ADA accessibility and protection from vehicle traffic. 

A temporary outdoor pedestrian area was already well received and proven to be a success at this location last summer. We highly recommend that the pedestrian plaza should move beyond the pilot phase into construction as part of the larger Stanhope hotel project. This high quality pedestrian plaza and increased pedestrian traffic would help encourage the city to create a safer crosswalk connection across Clarendon Street to Back Bay Station in the longer term.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. 

Brendan Kearney 

Deputy Director, WalkBoston

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