WalkBoston Statewide Action Plan

WalkBoston Statewide Action Plan

Building on nearly 30 years of advocacy in more than 100 cities and towns across the Commonwealth, WalkBoston has adopted a 3-year plan offering a framework to Make Massachusetts More Walkable. This action plan articulates our working principles, while also defining our focus areas and organizational goals with clear measures of success.

Focus Areas

Working Principles

  • Equity: Address equity and inclusion more explicitly in community engagement strategies and project approaches.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability: Evaluate new technologies and policies that affect the safety of people walking.
  • Evidence-Based Practice: Follow and create best practices for the built environment based on impacts to community health, vitality, and resiliency.

Organizational Goals

  • Outreach: Establish new partnerships with community-based organizations and active mobility constituencies.
  • Digital Resources: Systematize access to projects and information.
  • Financial Sustainability: Develop a detailed financial sustainability plan that considers new revenue possibilities.

View the WalkBoston Action Plan 2017 (PDF)

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