Support for “Super LPI” in Central Square, Cambridge

Support for “Super LPI” in Central Square, Cambridge

March 26, 2018

Cambridge City Council,
Cambridge City Clerk,
Joe Barr – Director Cambridge Traffic, Parking & Transportation (TPT)

Wendy Landman, Executive Director, WalkBoston

WalkBoston believes that TPT’s suggested change for the Central Square Pedestrian Signals will provide improved pedestrian safety. As described in the March 21 Memorandum from Joseph Barr, the Super LPI will provide an effective way of managing this high volume intersection.

WalkBoston agrees with TPT’s analysis of the situation and with the conclusion that a concurrent signal phasing with a longer LPI is the best overall solution. We concur with the finding that an ALL WALK signal phase would not be appropriate for Central Square and would lead to lower levels of service for pedestrians, and confusion among both pedestrians and drivers.

WalkBoston also appreciates TPT’s plan to review operations after the Super LPI is installed.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this signal revision.
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