#PutABradyOnIt links

#PutABradyOnIt links

We list all media clips on our website, but on this post we consolidated some of the media coverage this particular project received. Please let us know if we missed any others that you’ve seen and we can try and keep this current.


Teacher Sam Balto added a photo of Tom Brady to an in-street pedestrian sign that kept getting hit outside a school in Roxbury. Would drivers on Walnut Ave slow down in respect to beloved Patriots QB more than the normal school zone “yield to pedestrian” sign? First covered by Steve Annear in the Boston Globe, the photos and story of a teacher trying to improve safety on the street for students and family walking or biking to school took off! The story was picked up quickly by other local outlets, and then by the Associated Press and United Press International – and even the New England Patriots! Thanks in part to this effort, the City of Boston is now looking at making improvements to Walnut Avenue.

From the Boston Globe article, Teacher uses Tom Brady cutouts to get cars to slow down in school zone:

Balto launched the experiment on Walnut Avenue with the help of Brendan Kearney, a spokesman for WalkBoston, an advocacy group that works to make streets safer for pedestrians around the city.

“People really fly down Walnut Avenue or use it as a cut through, and that’s not right on any neighborhood street — let alone one with so many kids walking down it,” said Kearney. “I’m glad Sam has taken this step. He’s looking at a way to call attention to the crosswalk. . . . If Tom Brady can make that happen it’s great.”

NECN / NBC Boston: This Famous Face was attached to a sign to battle speeding

CBS WBZ: ‘Cars Will Have To Slow Down For Him’: Teacher Uses Tom Brady Face On Crosswalk Signs 

WBZ / iheartradio: Teacher Puts Tom Brady Photo on Crossing Walk Sign 

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Associated Press: Tom Brady photos slow down drivers in school zone 

Fox News: Tom Brady photos slow down drivers in school zone 

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UPI: Boston teacher seeks to deter speeders with Tom Brady photo

Sports Illustrated: A Massachusetts Teacher Used a Picture of Tom Brady to Get Cars to Slow Down

Patriots.com: Before crossing the street: Stop, look, Tom Brady 

USA Today – For the Win: Brilliant teacher uses Tom Brady’s beautiful face to slow down school traffic


DailyMail: ‘He is so good looking. Cars will have to slow down for him’: Teacher puts Tom Brady’s face on pedestrian crossing signs to stop speeding outside Boston elementary school 

ESPN Radio: Golic & Wingo radio show 

Boston 25 News: #PutABradyOnIt: Organization uses Tom Brady’s face on yield signs to slow drivers down 

WDJX: Teacher Uses Tom Brady To Get People To Slow Down

ACQ5: Boston teacher seeks to deter speeders with Tom Brady photo

Newsline: Boston teacher seeks to deter speeders with Tom Brady photo

Safety Sign dot com: Don’t Sack the Sign 

Off the Monster Sports: Local School Puts Picture of Tom Brady on Crosswalk to Slow Down Drivers 

International Business Times: Boston Teacher Uses Tom Brady’s Face To Slow Cars For His Students

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