From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director

By Wendy Landman/Executive Director, WalkBoston

Over the last six months WalkBoston worked to craft our 3-year action plan. The journey was as important as arriving. We took stock of what WalkBoston has achieved and thought about the critical next steps toward “Making Massachusetts More Walkable.” This newsletter and the next focus on our new goals and how you can be a part of the change-making process.

We have accomplished the formidable task of making walking a part of transportation and planning conversations statewide and have helped spread the word that walkability is critical to the health of people and communities.

Next we must ensure communities are safer for people walking, and that investments are made to improve the built environment across the state. By using an equity lens as we work to meet these goals, we will be intentionally inclusive of all ages, abilities, and communities.

How you can help:
• Ask for and support changes. Speak up for walking in your own neighborhood, city or town —make sure that local officials hear your voice.
• Support laws that improve safety. Ask your State senator and representative to support laws such as banning hand-held device use, and allowing automated traffic enforcement.
• We can coach you on how to ask for changes. Reach out to us when you see problems that need to be addressed—we can’t be everywhere all the time but we can support you.
• Donate your voice, time, and money to WalkBoston.

This article was featured in WalkBoston’s October 2017 newsletter.
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