TIGER VII Application, Union Square Multimodal Improvement Support Letter

TIGER VII Application, Union Square Multimodal Improvement Support Letter

June 2, 2015

Secretary Anthony Foxx
U.S Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

Re: Support for TIGER VII Application, Union Square Multimodal Improvement Project

Dear Secretary Foxx, On behalf of WalkBoston, I am writing to express support for the City of Somerville’s TIGER VII grant application to help fund the Union Square Multimodal Improvement Project. WalkBoston has been working for many years with Somerville as the City has actively pursued better non‐ motorized transportation choices. There are many reasons why the construction of this crucial project should be funded at this time.

  • The Union Square Multimodal Improvement Project will provide badly‐needed infrastructure improvements to a historic downtown district. The project includes roadway and streetscape improvements that will improve traffic flow through the Square, enhance pedestrian and bicycle connections, and create additional plaza and green space for civic life.
  • A highly anticipated MBTA light rail station is under construction in Union Square with adjacent land cleared for redevelopment. Funding will allow the City to improve access to new transit in one of New England’s most densely populated, but traditionally underserved, commercial districts.
  • This proposed multimodal project meets the objectives clearly laid out by Secretary Foxx’s Safer People, Safer Streets Action Plan to Increase Walking and Biking and Reduce Pedestrian and Bicycle Fatalities. This plan increases access and connectivity to existing and planned bus and transit systems, linking transportation systems into a multimodal network.
  • The Union Square Multimodal Project is widely supported by residents and businesses of Somerville. Extensive neighborhood planning and public input continues to be a priority as the project moves into later stages of design.
  • The Union Square Improvement Project is consistent with DOT’s Policy on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation which emphasizes multimodal transportation systems and with the interagency Partnership for Sustainable Communities policy to “develop safe, reliable and economical transportation choices to decrease household transportation costs, reduce our nations’ dependence on foreign oil, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote public health.”


Thank you for considering this important project for funding,


Wendy Landman
Executive Director

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