Franklin Walking Map

Franklin Walking Map

You can go anywhere on foot. Many destinations in Franklin are no more than a 10-minute walk apart – and many are even closer than that. You’ll be surprised how short the walks are – from homes, schools, downtown businesses and shopping centers to all parts of town.

It’s an easy and fun exercise. A walk can be a social activity – bring your spouse, your dog, a friend or a coworker along. A walk can help you clear your head and reduce stress. It can be long or short, spontaneous or planned in advance.

Walking is a part of virtually every trip – alone or combined with driving or cycling. It can also build stronger communities. Pedestrian activity makes residential areas more neighborly and commercial areas more vibrant.

With minute-increment markers, this map makes it easy to time your walks. Find two destinations that are 10 minutes apart. Vary the route to keep it interesting. Then try walking out 10 minutes and back 10 minutes for a 20-minute walk..

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