Christian Science Plaza Revitalization Project MEPA #14828

Christian Science Plaza Revitalization Project MEPA #14828

January 9, 2012

Richard K. Sullivan, Secretary
Executive Office of Energy and Environment
100 Cambridge St., 9th floor
Boston, MA 02114

RE: Christian Science Plaza Revitalization Project, MEPA #14828

Dear Secretary Sullivan:

WalkBoston is the Commonwealth’s leading advocate for pedestrians and safe walking. We work throughout the state encouraging walking, advocating for pedestrian improvements and working for design improvements. We have worked with over 65 communities throughout the state, helping residents and local government with pedestrian issues, safe routes to school, and safer street crossings.

The proponents of the Christian Science Plaza Revitalization have done a splendid job serving and welcoming the public to the plaza. The entire plaza is open to walkers and is a very special place to walk and enjoy the city. The rows of trees are well-maintained and are beautiful even in winter. The fountain in particular is a major attraction to people from the region. It is a wonderful spot that does double duty by providing significant summer service to children from all neighborhoods of Boston.

WalkBoston has many comments on the pedestrian street crossings at the edges of the site. Many of these work well, while some are not as safe for pedestrians as might be possible. For example, the intersection of Cumberland Street and Huntington Avenue is a signalized crossing that does not allow sufficient time for people to cross the street safely.

Thank you for the opportunity to common on this important project. We think it is a good project that could be even more pedestrian-friendly with some modifications to surrounding traffic signals. WalkBoston will continue to work with the city on this issue.


Wendy Landman                                    Robert Sloane
Executive Director                                  Senior Planner

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