Jamaica Plain Walking Map

Jamaica Plain Walking Map

Affectionately known as “J.P.,” Jamaica Plain is one of the greenest neighborhoods in the city–surrounded on three sides by large tracts of forested and much-loved open space. With bucolic Arnold Arboretum, picturesque Jamaica Pond, expansive Franklin Park, and historic Forest Hills Cemetery, J.P. is an outdoor oasis.

Still, don’t let all the natural beauty obscure J.P.’s abundance of architectural intrigue. The neighborhood hosts a number of “Painted Lady” Victorians on Summer Hill. Stately mansions line Jamaica Pond and nearby streets.

These days J.P. hosts wealthy “hip” suburbanites returning to the city, plus a large Hispanic and Caribbean population. They join longtime Irish Catholic residents, an LGBT contingent, students, and many others.

This walk gives you a sampling of what they perhaps love best about J.P.: quiet residential streets, spectacular mansions, a vibrant commercial district, and—most of all—Jamaica Pond, a major park and haven for the city-weary.

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