Boston: Hyde Park and Victorian Fairmount Walking Map

Boston: Hyde Park and Victorian Fairmount Walking Map

On a hillside overlooking the Neponset River lies a little Victorian time capsule known as Fairmount. This walk will take you up and down Fairmount’s steep streets on a trip back in time past stunning and fascinating structures.

Together with Cleary Square, Hyde Park’s shopping and administrative center, Fairmount occupies Boston’s southernmost tip; it’s further from downtown than any part of the city. This remote location mean that Fairmont was somewhat of a late bloomer among Boston neighborhoods and is why it peaked in the Victorian period.

Hyde Park remained an independent town until 1912, when its residents voted to join Boston. As this walk will reveal to you, the Fairmount neighborhood retains several of its original twenty homes and, with them, its own unique identity. It is an enclave of Victoriana on its hillside overlooking the Neponset.

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