Dedham Walking Map

Dedham Walking Map

In Dedham the charm and grace of the early 1800s are still in evidence. Its center holds the town’s oldest houses and community buildings and still has bustling activity connected with the Norfolk County Courts. It stands distinct and removed from other parts of town, where farms became subdivisions and local industries once produced everything from shovels, boot to cigars.

Founded in 1635, Dedham was strategically located on the great highway of foot, horse, and wagon travel that ran from Virginia to New Hampshire. In its prime Dedham hosted presidents and political leaders, the nation’s first free public school, and notable events such as the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti.

The town lost much of its economic primacy before the twentieth century, however, and the automobile hastened its conversion to a suburban community whose boundaries blurred with those of its neighbors. This walk takes you on a loop around an oasis of history in a modern suburb.

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