Rose Kennedy Greenway Walking Map 2006

Rose Kennedy Greenway Walking Map 2006

Our Greenway work 1992—2006 The Greenway’s success hinges on its walkability. Since 1992, we have worked to assure that the new construction will be attractive to walkers and serve them safely.

When we began our involvement, the Central Artery/ Tunnel project [CA/T] was being designed by the City of Boston for 10 traffic lanes on surface streets along the Greenway. WalkBoston, Move Massachusetts and the CA/T Project created the Pedestrian Issues Forum to re-assess that design. Two years later, A Pedestrian Perspective on the Central Artery Project [1994] recommended narrower roadways and wider sidewalks. After WalkBoston’s persistent advocacy for fewer lanes, the City adopted a 6-lane design.

Subsequently, an intensive public process established block-by-block standards for sidewalk widths and continuity, traffic lane widths, corner curb radii and bicycle lanes. In 1996/1998 State MEPA permits made these standards official Artery commitments. Ongoing oversight will be needed as developers request permits from the City of Boston for garage entrances, curb cuts and other things that impact the sidewalk..

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